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icloud Remove for Apple iWatch S3

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It's easy to unlock
iCloud Locked Apple Watch


The dev team standing behind the Apple Watch Unlock software came up with a genius solution. This user-friendly tool will remove Activation Lock on different iWatch models, including first, second, and third generation. Unlock Apple Watch has never been easier because you are only several steps away from success with the new software.

You will love the benefits of this solution:

  • You do not need an original paired iPhone;
  • You do not have to access the original iCloud Apple ID account;
  • You are not required to know or provide an Apple ID password.

Besides, the Apple Watch Unlock Tool guarantees permanent unlock. It also automatically turns off Find My Watch on your gadget.

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Find My Watch Unlock


Essential tools
you need for a successful iWatch unlocking process


It is necessary to employ additional equipment to use Find My Watch Unlock software and successfully disable Find My Watch.

It is important to use special equipment, such as iBus, to connect the locked Apple Watch to a Mac computer. With its help, it is simple to put Apple Watch in DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode to perform actions with a device in any state (repair the iWatch, downgrade firmware, upgrade firmware, restore the watch).

Device Firmware Upgrade is a part of the SecureROM built into the hardware.

The Find My Watch Unlock software is compatible with:

  • iBus (for Apple Watch S1, S2, S3);
  • Apple Original Connector;
  • Apple Factory Connector.
Order Apple Watch Connector Dongle

Follow simple steps to complete Apple Watch unlock remotely.

Our dev team works on one-click user-friendly tools to help all users to unlock Apple Watch permanently and in the most straightforward manner. Below, you will see the several steps that will prepare your iWatch for the unlock.


Apple Watch Unlock Tool Installation

Download and install the software in the three steps.

Step 1. Firstly, you should get the most recent Apple Watch Unlock software version. Download it from the official website.

At the moment, the tool is compatible with Mac computers running macOS X El Capitan 10.11 and up.

Do not worry about the warning message you see when opening the PKG file. It is necessary to override the security settings. So, do this to launch the software:

  • Launch Finder Remove Activation Lock on Apple Watch and find the software there;
  • Control-Click the tool's icon and select Open in the shortcut menu;
  • Now, as the application is excepted from Mac security settings, you only need to double-click to launch it.
  • Complete the installation. Then launch the software from Launchpad.

Get ready to move on to the next step: prepare Apple Watch to Unlock


2 Step)


Preparation of Apple Watch for Unlock

You must prepare your Apple Watch for the upcoming unlock.

Take the lightning cable to connect a locked Apple Watch that requires permanent unlock to the Mac computer. Remember to use the additional equipment, such as iBus Data Cable, Apple Original Connector, or Factory Connector. If you are looking for the tiny dongle attaching to the maintenance port, check your Apple Watch band reservoir where the port is nestled.

Your Apple Watch Connector should consist of these parts. It has the pilot pin, which you must slide into a lug port to connect it to the maintenance pins on the iWatch. It also has the iBus Data Cable adapter with a lightning cable on one end to connect to an Apple computer and an attachment to the pilot pin on another end.

Important! Select the correct iBus cable based on your Apple Watch Series 1, 2, or 3. Each iBus Data Cable adapter has a different number of maintenance pins. So choosing the right accessory is essential.

    • Use the Data cable adapter for connecting the locked Apple Watch to a Mac computer.
Connect your Apple Watch via Data Cable adapter

Enter the DFU mode on the iWatch. Here is how it works:

    • Turn on the device so that it starts booting;
DFU Mode Apple Watch  Step 1.
    • Click-hold the Digital Crown and Slide button at the same time and count till ten before releasing the Side button (do not release the Digital Crown yet);
DFU Mode Apple Watch  Step 2.
    • You will soon see a greeting from Apple Watch Unlock software that confirms that your iWatch is now in DFU mode.
DFU Mode Apple Watch  Step 3.

Once the Apple Watch Unlock tool recognizes your iWatch, it will also verify if your device is compatible (eligible for the service).

Order Apple Watch Unlock Service

Get ready to move on to the next step - Ordering Apple Watch Unlock Service

3 Step)


Ordering Apple Watch Unlock Service

Users whose iWatch is eligible for the unlock can place their order online.

If you are compatible with Apple Watch unlock tool, you will be forwarded to the payment page. The Order Form you must fill in already contains your ECID number. Add your email address, personal details and place your order by paying for it.

Your iWatch ECID number gets recorded by the Apple Watch Unlock Tool database as soon as you pay. This way, you get a lifetime license for one gadget with the right of free reusing of the software on the one licensed device in the future. Also, you accept our terms & services by ordering the service.

Your Apple Watch ECID number gets recorded by the Apple Watch Unlock Tool database as soon as you pay. This way, you get a lifetime license for one gadget with the right of free reusing of the software on the one licensed device in the future. Also, you accept our terms & services by ordering the service.

Service You Can Trust

It is safe to unlock Apple Watch using our tool because you are guaranteed a full refund if you do not receive what is promised by this service.

Every customer can share their feedback. We are always happy to hear back or help you in any situation.

You can read customer reviews about Apple Watch Unlock with this service on Truspilot website. Besides, you can rate the tool yourself to help our company develop, progress, improve and grow.

4 Step)


Finish Unlock Apple Watch

Finally, as soon as you are granted the license, you can use the Apple Watch Unlock Software.

Right after payment, the Unlock Apple Watch software will automatically recognize your iWatch. It will prompt you to begin the unlock.

There is only one action to do. Press the "Unlock" button to begin the unlocking procedure. The tool informs you about the whole process and finally asks you to do Apple Watch reset. Here is what to do:

  • Wait until Apple Watch booted.
  • Click-hold the Digital Crown for a couple of seconds;
  • Click the Reset button the Apple Watch will show;
  • Be patient as the Apple Watch resets.

That's it. As soon as the Unlock Apple Watch is complete, you can use your device with no restrictions!