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USA AT&T/Cricket/Spectrum/Xfinity NCK + PUK Galaxy Z Flip3/Z Fold 3

Delivery Time : 05-15 Business Days
Price : -
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  • This service runs Monday-Friday, Limited weekend support.

Supported Carriers: All USA Carriers (AT&T / XFINITY / CRICKET / SPECTRUM)
Supported Phones: Galaxy Z Flip3/Z Fold 3
Supported Codes: NCK & PCK
Not supported: Sprint / Verizon / 99000#### IMEIs. Do not submit.


There is no refund if we deliver the code but you can not use it because the phone is not asking for unlock code with a sim from a different carrier!


-First, try the Network code when the phone asks for unlock code with a different SIM, and if not working or it asks for PUK CODE, factory reset it, insert the Defreeze code (even if seems that is not accepting it, is OK) and after use the Nck code and should work.