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T-Mobile Android Official Application Clean and Financed Unlock All Model including S21 New Fast Service

Delivery Time : 3-10 Business Days
Price : -
Details :


This will work for All Android devices that support the Mobile Device Unlock app,like:

-Alcatel ONETOUCH Pop Astro


-Samsung Galaxy Avant

-Samsung Galaxy S 6

-Samsung Galaxy S 6 Edge

-Sony Xperia Z3

And all others that have Device Unlock app

Please verify that you have the Device Unlock app on your device, connect to Wi-Fi and press Permanent unlock. If you get the message “Unlock Failed..." than your phone will be unlocked with this service, if get any other message please contact us before buying this.No refund for mesages like "Unable to connect to the server" or "Server not responding."


Once the unlock request is processed, customer needs to

1. connect phone to wifi

2. Open"Device Unlock" app from tmobile and select "Permanent Unlock"

Phone will check status from server and reboot.


In case the  unlock is still not working,and is showing after you press Permannet Unlock button the message "“Unlock Failed.This mobile wireless device is not eligible for unlock...."

Please presss the "Verify"  button next to the imei and imei fill be fixed in max 3 days.

In case that even verification will not work, in order for the supplier to refund,please contact us and will provide you the video instructions.