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iC Remove Open Menu iPhone 6s/6s+

Delivery Time : 1-45 Mintes
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Download tool here:


#If you jailbreak with checkra1n :


1. JB Device

2. Trust on Mac

3. In iCloud turn all option on 

4. After this make wifi OFF

5. Turn on Airplane mode

6. Use app and enjoy


 If you use chekcra1n ignore this below


# Tools:


Unc0ver IPA:

Link of repo:

Name of Package: Dropbear



# Lost Mode wait some days more for make a method for unc0ver without risk to block device on part of connect to internet



# If you jailbreak with Unc0ver :

  1 - Install Unc0ver on your ios device with AltDeloy(PC/MAC)

  2 - Trust unc0ver(we will make a method for lost mode soon) and run jailbreak

  3 - After Cydia appears on home screen open it go to Repos, press Edit later Add and add this and press Add repo

  4 - Press Update and wait all cache of repos will be updated

  5 - On Find section write Dropbear, find it and press install

  6 - After that use the tool and press FMI OFF, test checking Unc0ver or not on app is beta.