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Samsung KG Bypass - All Models Supported by Perseus [STATUS - Online ✅]

Delivery Time : 1-15 Minutes
Price : -
Details :

Best solution to bypass Samsung MDM Leasing (KG Locked device) by Perseus

Main advantages:
- The device works with the factory user interface unchanged
- Biometrics, Face ID and all built-in functions work as expected
- You save Samsung Pay and all payment apps
- Anti-Relock and Anti-Brick

To order you need device IMEI
In response, you will receive a QR code to activate your Samsung
You need to download the code and save it to your computer. You are solely responsible for the safety of the code.

❗ Device Requirements:
A) Warranty Void 0 (Download Mode)
B) KG Status: Locked
C) OEM Status: Locked (L)
D) Official Samsung Firmware (Download Mode)
E) Security Patch Level: No Further than 01-07-2022
F) Rooted-Flashed or Tampered in any way are NOT supported.
G) Tab WiFi wersion - not supported
H) Android 11, 12 (One UI 3.5 and up)
I) ESIM is supported but user must remove it from their “Sim Card Manager” before bypassing. Can re-activate their plan afterwards. 

Before proceeding, please make sure you have closed adb.exe on your PC via Task Manager to avoid repeating the process.
Search for adb.exe and click on “End Task”, before activating.

Bypass instructions:
1 Hard reset yuor device - go to recovery and select “Factory Reset” and “Wipe cache” after that just select “Reboot System”
2 Go to the home screen and click in an empty space 6 times - a QR code scanner will appear
3 scan the QR code you received from us