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Samsung KG Bypass Pro - All Models ( A & S & Fold & Z Flip Series) FINANCE/MDM ALL Supported *New

Delivery Time : 1-30 Minutes
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Best solution to bypass Samsung MDM Leasing (KG Locked device)

Main advantages:
- The device works with the factory user interface unchanged
- Biometrics, Face ID and all built-in functions work as expected
- You save Samsung Pay and all payment apps
- Anti-Relock and Anti-Brick
- Bypass Sim-Lock (if implemented via Knox Guard)
- You can bypass the same device up to 4 times

To order you need device IMEI
In response, you will receive a QR code to activate your Samsung
You need to download the code and save it to your computer. You are solely responsible for the safety of the code.


Bypass instructions:
1 make a device reset (hard reset)
2 Go to the home screen and click in an empty space 6 times - a QR code scanner will appear
3 scan the QR code you received from us 
4 Connect the device to wifi
5 when the smartphone asks you to connect it to the computer
6 On your computer, go to or
7 in the console enter "activate" and select your Samsung_android phone
8 on the phone, enable usb debugging and follow the prompts on the screen
9. after activation, the phone restarts 1 time and can be used

- Supported - KG status: Normal/Active/Locked
- Only devices with Waranty void: 0x0 are supported
- FRP should be OFF
- After the bypass, the phone cannot be reseted - this will Create the lock (you can update)