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LG Worldwide Unlock Code (Update Including 2021) Premium

Delivery Time : 1-12 Hours
Price : -
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Important Information:

Supported Firmware:
You would need to downgrade to firmware version A, B, C, D, E version


Unsupported Firmware:
Newer firmware version above I,L,M,N


The service is intended to get NCK code by IMEI for all LG phone models on the basis of the manufacturer (Factory code). Ordering unlock code LG you will get codes at all levels: NCK, NSCK, SPCK, CPCK, SIMCK. Before ordering services, always check - whether you can enter the code. If the device does not ask for the code - is forbidden to make the order. 2020 models are supported.

Example Result:







WARNING: The Codes Are Originally From Database & THIS SUPPLIER DO NOT PROVIDE any REFUND FOR WRONG CODE COMPLAINT, EVEN IF YOU PROVIDE A VIDEO PROOF. Do Not Force For Any Type Of Refund Or Verification 

AT&T LG Phoenix 3 (M150) issue:

Important: There are a lot of the new LG Phoenix 3 M150 devices from AT&T that are currently sold with firmware issue and they can not be unlocked!!! Their lock counter is frozen and rejects every unlock try as "SIM Network unlock request unsuccessful_001" even if code is correct!

Please, if you have new LG Phoenix 3 M150 from AT&T, check if the lock counter is active by dialing a random code. If devices changes the number of tries left in the lock counter(2/10) it can be unlocked. If tries stay always 1/10 than device can not be unlocked.