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T-MOBILE/METRO PCS USA - All iPhone Models Checker + Unlock (Clean) SERVICE ( NO REFUND Denial ORDER )

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This service is only used to query the database status of US T-Mobile and MetroPCS operators, and there is a low probability that they will be directly unlocked. Before submitting, please check whether the operator is: US T-Mobile or US MetroPCS. Services, query results will not be refunded regardless of whether they are successfully unlocked or not.

If the query result is displayed as: Device in system
This means that the device has data in the T-Mobile official database, but it has not been unlocked successfully

If the query result is displayed as: Device not found
It means that the official data on T-Mobile is incomplete, but the unlocking is not successful.

If the query result is displayed as: Device not in system
Explain that this device may have been transferred from the Sprint carrier to the T-Mobile carrier

If the query result is displayed as: UNLOCKED
This means that the device may have been unlocked successfully. If some displays are still locked after unlocking successfully, please contact the administrator.


1. If there are two IMEIs in the device, submit the main number (entity) IMEI;

2. Submit the wrong operator, wrong model, wrong IMEI, unlocked IMEI, repeated submission, etc., no refund;

3. Before submitting the order, please verify whether you have forgotten the iCloud account password (commonly known as Apple ID). After unlocking, the device cannot be activated due to forgetting the iCloud account password and no refund will be given (if you do not log in to iCloud, this clause can be ignored);

4. The service is marked with the estimated time of issuing the order, and cannot be expedited. If the estimated time of issuing the order is not exceeded, please do not rush (please do not submit urgent orders and reminders);

5. It is not ruled out that there is a very small probability that orders will be delayed due to order backlog, service maintenance, upgrades, holidays, weekends and other factors. Once an order is submitted, even if it is delayed, it cannot be cancelled unless it is applied to the supplier after the delay and obtained the supplier's consent. ;

6. Submitting an order means that you have read and agreed to the above content and terms