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Service Details

iPhone ( Sim Lock+Warranty+Model+Fmi ) Check

Delivery Time :
1-15 Minute
Price :
$ 0.38
Details :





   imei: 3*************1


   model: IPHONE 6,MM-TD,16GB,SLVR


   serial_number: F**********P


   last activation country: Iran


   country code: IR


   estimated purchase date 2015-05-09


   warranty: Yes


   fmi: ON


   simlock: LOCKED








   IMEI: 012***********8




   Serial: D**********0N


   Warranty: No


   Country: SW


   Country Code: SW


   FMI: ON


   Simlock: UNLOCKED






Simlock: UNLOCKED = means that device was activated with new carrier than original carrier and device is Unlocked.


Simlock: LOCKED = means that device is locked or hasn't yet been activated with another carrier than original (Possible Device is Unlocked but is Still Not Activated)